Cece George


Cece George is a fifth-year Visualization student with a passion for design, people, and bingeing Friends. Her style is much like her personality: loud, lively, and fun. She is constantly looking for new techniques and expanding her design style. When she isn’t in Illustrator, she’s probably busy eating tacos or thrift shopping!


Frank Hicks

Vice president

Frank Hicks is a senior Visualization student focusing in graphic and interactive design. He has severe adoration for illustration and all things industrial, and hopes to somehow maneuver into product design. Things that get him jazzed include (but are absolutely not limited to) podcasts, sneakers, running, looking at Ryan Putnam’s work, images of Japan and meeting new people. If you see him around, say hey!


Lily Hodges


Lily Hodges is a senior Visualization major with a Computer Science minor. Her focus is in front-end web development. She enjoys designing in Illustrator but is also fascinated by computer languages. When not flustered with overwhelming amount of school work, she enjoys photography, making pies…and also making people smile. Don’t be afraid to talk to her!


Caroline Piazza

Industry Relations

Caroline Piazza is a senior Visualization major who loves when she gets the chance to be creative. Her style is designing things that are functional as well as beautiful, and not being afraid to use lots of colors. When not talking about how exhausted she is from walking up 3 flights of Langford C stairs, she enjoys doing yoga, daydreaming, and showing people pictures of her cat, Catsby, on her phone.

picofme copy.jpg

Alex Salcido


Alexandra Salcido is a full-time senior Visualization student from the West Texas town of El Paso. Her areas of interest are in 3D Animation and Graphic Design. She enjoys creating things that can make people smile, Giraffes, and the nostalgia of classic 80’s movies. When she’s not busy working in the studio you can catch her enjoying any of the All-Time Favorites from Whataburger.