Cecilia Gonzalez


Cecilia Gonzalez is a junior Visualization student from Alpharetta, Georgia. Her work reflects her love of bright colors, fun illustrations, and vintage inspiration. She loves creating designs that brighten someone’s day! At any given time, she’s probably planning her next theme park adventure, noodling around on the ukulele, or petting the nearest dog!


Maggie Crosby

Industry Relations

Maggie Crosby is a 5th year senior in the Visualization department from Coppell, Texas. Her designs match her love for travel, culture, and people. She aspires to work in user interaction/user experience design so that people can become more in tune with what they are doing. If she is not in the studio working she is most likely hanging at home watching movies with friends and family or planning her next great adventure!


Jacob Whitley


Jacob Whitley, a senior Visualization student from Montgomery, Texas, provides colorful storytelling through his digital imagery and videography. He is always on the lookout for new sources of inspiration for his work and for new programs to learn, finding unique ways to create visual media. Never far from the nearest coffee shop, he may be found jamming out to EDM, playing volleyball, or exploring the world around him.


Ignacio Mata Cordero


Ignacio Mata Cordero is a sophomore Marketing student from Washington, D.C. He prides himself in his work with Advertising, Graphic Design, Creative Writing, and even Film Production. He enjoys doodling in class, skateboarding, over-analyzing films, and spending time Art Galleries. Ignacio considers himself a man of the arts and draws inspiration from the likes of Vincent Van Gogh, Salvador Dali, and Roy Lichtenstein.